Author Visit: Esme Symes-Smith in Auditorium

Author Visit: Esme Symes-Smith in Auditorium
11/15/2022, 9:00 AM 9:45 AM

Reading teachers:  
I'm sorry that the presentation does not land during your time with the students, but the author's schedule was pretty tight. 
On Monday it would be great if you could help build excitement and review what makes a good question for an author. (Inspiration, process, something they felt went well in the writing, future writing plans, etc, but only if those were not addressed in the presentation!).  I shared the audio clip with some 5th graders last week and I think that helped them get fired up.  
Let me know if you'd like to borrow my copy of the book to show. 
I will purchase a copy or two for the library which will be available for borrowers later this week.

Homeroom teachers: 
Please prep students Tuesday morning with reminders about being a good audience and gracious listeners. 
Bring students to the auditorium at 9am on Tuesday.  To ease coming/going, let's have one grade on each side of the auditorium (6th on west side? maybe they can enter/leave the doors by Clifton? and 5th graders on the east side?).  We will leave the front rows open for tardy students.
We should be finished ~ 9:40-9:45.
If books are signed and ready, I'll invite students to get them (and snap a photo with the author) before dismissing. Otherwise we will bring the books to your classroom shortly after the visit.

All teachers:
This should be a good opportunity to generate conversation in your classroom community about what they learned about the writing process, the author, and the book. If students would like to follow up with a written note, I can pass those along to the publicist.  I expect The Book Cellar will have signed copies of the book after the event in case students ask about purchasing. At this point I don't know if I will have any available for sale.

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