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8th Grade:  No homework.  However, there are Khan Academy assignments that are due soon.  You could spend a little time doing those.
6th Grade:  30 minutes on Khan Academy Mappers.  Work on your personalized assignments based on your NWEA RIT score.  
7th Grade:   Page 252 (7-32)
8th Grade: Make sure your corrections are complete.  Complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy.....problems marked due 1/26/19
6th Grade:  Complete the application problems for 4.5 and 4.8 handout. 
7th Grade:  Page 247 5-36
8th Grade:  Find the Solutions to the 5 systems of equations.
6th Grade:  Complete the rest of the INEQUALITY handout from class.
7th Grade:  page 242 1-8 all and 10-32 evens.
8th Grade:  Make sure the Algebra Exit Exam packet is complete.  Only the circled problems.
6th Grade:  Make sure the Chapter 8 Review is complete. Spend 30 minutes on Khan Academy Mappers page. 
7th Grade:  Complete 45 minutes of Khan Academy on the Khan Academy Mappers page.  I have entered new Goal Scores for your growth.  
8th Grade:  Compete the 5 linear systems we worked on for the POD.
6th Grade:  Complete Practice and Homework Pages for 8.8,8.9, and 8.10
7th Grade:   Work on Khan Academy for 30 minutes.  
8th Grade:  There are five new assignments on Khan Academy with a due date of 1/26. Get started on these. 
6th Grade:  I gave you 4 multiple step equations to solve.  
7th Grade:  There are ten new assignments based on exponents that are due on January 26th.  Some are very short videos.  Some are articles, some are practice.  Make sure you start working on this. 
8th Grade:  You have a test tomorrow.  I highly recommend you work on all of the Chapter test in the book.  Chapter 7.
6th Grade:  Complete 3 problems from each page of the packet.  Make sure you record the number of the problem and the lesson number. 
7th Grade:  Make sure you are prepared for the Chapter 4 Test tomorrow. 
8th Grade:  Page 394 #5, 14, 23, 31, 34 Test Friday
6th Grade: In packet:  4.1: 1,5,9    4.2: 5,6,7   4.3: 5,13,14     4.4: 6,8,11
7th Grade: Complete Review Packet.  Test on Friday
8th Grade:  Complete Problem Number 24 on page 391.  You must graph all of the constraints just like we did in class.  Keep in mind that profit is income minus cost.  
6th Grade: Practice and Homework Page 8.6 and Handout.
7th Grade:  Page 187 29-34, page 189 59-60, page 191 18-20
8th Grade  Complete the 5 problems for homework.  Page 385 #31 and #35-38
6th Grade   Practice and Homework Lesson 8.4
7th Grade    Extra Practice Lesson 4.8