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Natalie Bice


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Tell us about yourself in 3-5 sentences.

I am originally from the west side of Michigan and have degree in Psychology from Michigan State and a Masters in Elementary Education from DePaul. I have been teaching primary grades for the last 6 years in Chicago. I currently coach the girls and boys 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams at HSA. When I am not teaching or coaching sports at Hawthorne I love to spend time playing indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, working out, reading, exploring Chicago with my husband and cheering on the Michigan State Spartans!

What are your favorite books?

The Giving Tree, Only One You and any Kevin Henkes book

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

I would love the power to fly so I could beat the Chicago traffic.

If you could have dinner with one historical figure, who would it be?

I would love to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln because he was an incredible man and way ahead of his time. He would be amazed to see how far the world has come!

Stranded on a desert island, music from what three musical artists would you bring along?

Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Chris Martin

Would you rather be able to speak all of the languages on Earth, or be able to talk to animals?

I would like to be able to talk with animals because then I could take my students on a field trip to Africa or the South American Rainforest and we could observe the animals!