Marisol Negrón – Biography

Marisol Negrón Interim Principal


A native Chicagoan, I grew up immersed in the diversity and richness of our city. I am a proud product of Chicago Public Schools and as such, it has been a privilege to serve our children for the past two decades. I graduated from Lane Tech High School then earned a BA in education from Northeastern Illinois University. As a first-generation college graduate, I have experienced the power of education. While I accept the knowledge I have acquired is mine to own, I am committed to paying it forward to the next generation.

I began career at Burley Elementary in 1997. However, it was during my 12-year tenure at Sabin Dual Language Magnet School that I was able to have a substantial impact on my students. The expanded curriculum and research-based learning strategies I developed were innovative and reflect my passion for instruction. Ensuring students are critical thinkers, and creative, collaborative and effective communicators has always been my goal, and will continue to be my focus as interim principal at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy.

During the past two years, as resident principal and assistant principal at HSA, I supported the diligent work of sound Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which supports the development of a growth mindset in both staff and students. As interim principal, I look forward to advancing this work with our outstanding leadership team and amazing staff.  We will continue to invest in our teacher’s’ professional growth, knowing full well that this investment leads to greater achievement and success for our students.  Coupled with our rigorous academic program, our improvement efforts within our children’s SEL advancements will yield tremendous results.

However strong our programs, children cannot succeed in an environment that does not acknowledge the importance of the development of the whole child. A critical component to foster growth is a caring learning environment.  I believe this environment is vital to every learner at our school in order to nurture their growth, expand their perspective, and develop abilities in a safe and supportive environment. The growth of every child and staff member is imperative.

On a personal note, I have been married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart, Edward, who is one of the most courageous and selfless firefighters in our city.  I am the proud mother of three amazing daughters: Ariel, Grace and Joy. All attended CPS where they were well prepared for their future. As fate would have it, Grace has decided to become an educator herself.  She has developed a passion to ensure that her future students have access to an equitable education that affords them countless opportunities.

My daughter’s philosophy is a reflection of my aspirations for each of my students at HSA. Our children must be equipped with the skills and strategies that will prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in life.  I am excited to collaborate with each of you, as we ensure that our students achieve the vision of our great school by positively contributing to their communities, becoming agents of change, and lifelong learners.  Here’s to another outstanding year. Go Hurricanes!